First Nations

About one-quarter of all Yukoners are of Aboriginal ancestry and belong to one of fourteen Yukon First Nations and eight language groups. During historical times, First Nations people lived off the land, traveling on a seasonal round of fishing, hunting, trapping and gathering. This forged a respect for the land, its creatures and the forces of nature

Today, First Nations people play a significant role in all aspects of Yukon society – including its governance, resource management, economy, art and culture.

Melding nature with art

The culture of Yukon's First Nations people evolved over millennia into the rich tapestry of dialects, arts, crafts, cuisines, and practices that we enjoy today.

The works of First Nations artists and artisans are highly regarded for their exquisite craftsmanship and remarkable insight into the natural and spiritual worlds.

Music, dance and song are complemented by stories, plays and poems. Beaded moccasins and mukluks can be found in galleries and shops. Intricate native carvings, masks and jewellery are carved from antlers, wood, bone, horn and even mastodon ivory.

For more information

Please visit the Yukon First Nations Culture & Tourism Association

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