“…watch the silver dance of the mystic Northern Lights...” ­– Robert Service

From fall until spring, Yukon enjoys spectacular displays of aurora borealis. Thousands of people from across the globe visit the Yukon every year for a chance to see the magical northern lights.

The best show on Earth

Ribbons of glowing green, white and red swirl and dance across the Yukon sky. Join a tour or congregate with the locals away from the city lights to enjoy the spectacle together. Imagine soaking in a hot tub, glass of wine in hand, as the sky pulsates with otherworldly light.


Secrets of the sky

Is it magic? We think so. The northern lights have been inspiring legends for centuries. What exactly creates this magic northern phenomenon? Solar dust forms rings around the polar regions, and these particles get charged by gases in Earth’s upper atmosphere. The result is gas molecules that glow like neon lights. Whether you’re fascinated by the science, intrigued by legends or simply thrilled by the sight, the Yukon is the perfect place to experience aurora magic

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Arctic Range Adventure

All our day tours and guided round-trips offer a great variety of Arctic activities, which will leave all our guest with unforgettable memories.

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From Day Trips to Wilderness Tours, from Cabin Rentals to Adventure Publications - Black Bear Wilderness offers authentic and well planned Yukon Adventures. Year-round. Join exciting Day Trips...

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Outdoor adventures for all! Year round trips and tours. Dog sledding- canoeing, hiking, fishing, wildlife photography and more.

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We provide athletics and private dog sledding tours. With a maximum of two participants at a time, we ensure exclusive experiences.
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3 night accommodation package

Dec 01 2016
+ fees & taxes

Best of Yukon's Aurora +PLUS

Sep 15 2016 to Mar 31 2017
“Best of Yukon’s Aurora +PLUS” is the ultimate 7 nights / 8 days Northern Lights & Activities package with 3 nights at the Northern Lights Resort & SPA in Whitehorse, 3 nights at the Aurora...
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Best of Yukon's Aurora, 6 nights

Sep 15 2016 to Mar 31 2017
“Best of Yukon’s Aurora” is a 6 nights / 7 days unforgettable journey to the Northern Lights with 3 nights at the Northern Lights Resort & SPA in Whitehorse, 2 nights at the Aurora Inn in Dawson...
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Discover our Yukon - Aurora & Sightseeing Packages

Sep 01 2016 to Apr 09 2017
Spend a few days experiencing Yukon’s natural beauty and historic landscapes, the elusive Aurora Borealis and the gracious hospitality at the Northern Lights Resort & SPA. Enjoy natures...
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Fat bike, lodge & aurora

Dec 01 2015 to Dec 01 2016
3 day all inclusive lodge stay package featuring activities of fat/snow biking, snowshoeing and aurora viewing.