Duration: 10-14 Days
Getting Started
Season: Summer

Embark on a signature Yukon experience: Join a multi-day canoe, kayak or rafting trip on a remote wilderness river. Savour the fresh air, clean water and expansive views. Enjoy hiking, fishing and photography, and expect to see wildlife like bears and moose. Scrumptious riverside cuisine, knowledgeable guides and spectacular scenery will make it a trip of a lifetime.

Day 1 – River Rendezvous

You'll meet your guides in Whitehorse, where you can buy gear and any last minute essentials. Depending on which river you're paddling, you'll drive or fly to the put-in. This is a great chance to explore villages at the edge of Yukon wilderness. Mayo is the gateway to the Peel River watershed. Teslin, Carmacks and Dawson City are on the Yukon River system. Haines Junction accesses Kluane area rivers, and Watson Lake is the base for southeast Yukon rivers.

Day 2 – Nestled on a Riverbank

This is your first day on the river and your first night camped under Yukon's glorious midnight sun. You're brushing up on your J-stroke and poring over maps. You can feel the river camaraderie building.

Days 3-10 – The Rhythm of the River

The group is settling into a pleasing routine of fresh mornings and endless twilight around the campfire, leisurely days of paddling and hiking on scenic ridges, and a layover now and then to savour the journey. The food is fantastic, the wildlife spectacular.

Days 11-12 – Until We Meet Again

All good things must come to an end, but chances are you've already planned your next Yukon paddling adventure before you've even left the river. The return shuttle is reflective, and you spend your last evening together telling stories, sharing photos, and enjoying a fine meal.

Must See & Do
Places to Stay
Classic Yukon Paddling
Classic Yukon Paddling
Classic Yukon Paddling
Whether you're looking for a secluded cabin in the woods, or a lively hostel in downtown Whitehorse, you'll find it here. There are plenty of options for modest to grand accommodations in custom cabins and lodges. For a communal atmosphere and a great opportunity to meet fellow travellers, stay in one of our highly regarded hostels.
Don't Forget
Wilderness travel tips
Classic Yukon Paddling
The Yukon is like no other place in the world. It's important that travelers tread lightly.
Discover Your Yukon

You've come this far for the river trip of a lifetime, so we hope you'll stay a bit longer to experience the midnight sun. And once you've revelled in a Yukon summer adventure, come back in winter to explore our wilderness & wildlife on a snowy dogmushing journey through the Yukon wilds.