Duration: 10-14 Days
Getting Started
Season: Summer

Embark on a signature Yukon experience: Join a day or multi-day canoe, kayak or rafting trip on a remote wilderness river. Paddle a section of the iconic Yukon River. Savour the fresh air, clean water and expansive views. Enjoy hiking, fishing and photography, and expect to see wildlife like bears and moose and spectacular scenery.

Day 1 – River Rendezvous

Rent your equipment or meet your guides in Whitehorse, where you can buy any last minute essentials. Depending on which river you're paddling, you'll drive or fly to the put-in. This is a great chance to explore some of the Yukon’s villages. Mayo is the gateway to the Peel River watershed. Teslin, Carmacks and Dawson City are on the Yukon River system. Haines Junction accesses Kluane area rivers, and Watson Lake is the base for southeast Yukon rivers.

Day 2 – Nestled on a Riverbank

This is your first day on the river and your first night camped under Yukon's glorious midnight sun. You're brushing up on your J-stroke and poring over maps. You can feel the river camaraderie building.

Days 3-10 – Scenery & Wildlife
Moose shaking water off his body

You paddle past eagle nests, cliff swallows, shore birds, and ducks. You keep your camera ready incase larger wildlife like a bear or moose appear on shore. Together, you explore the wilderness on short hikes, take photos, and try catching fish for dinner. The company is fantastic, the scenery is spectacular.

Days 11-12 – The Rhythm of the River
People sitting around a campfire on shoreline

Nearing the end of the trip, the group is settling into a pleasant routine of fresh mornings and endless twilight around the campfire, leisurely days of paddling and hiking on scenic ridges.

You spend your last evenings together sharing stories and savoring the journey that will soon come to an end.

Must See & Do
Places to Stay
Classic Yukon Paddling
Classic Yukon Paddling
Classic Yukon Paddling
From picturesque campgrounds to modern hotels with all the amenities, the Yukon has a wide range of accommodation options for before and after your river expedition.
Don't Forget
Wilderness travel tips
Classic Yukon Paddling
The Yukon is like no other place in the world. It's important that travelers tread lightly.
Discover Your Yukon

Your wilderness expedition is closer and easier to reach than you might think. Major commercial airlines connect Whitehorse with Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Kelowna, and Yellowknife. Or come by road and make getting here part of the experience!