Your unforgettable journey to the North starts here! With amazing new highlights for adventure travelers all our day tours and guided round-trips offer a great variety of Arctic activities, which will leave all our guest with unforgettable memories.

Arctic Range Adventure offers breathtaking tours across the Arctic Circle, driving on the Arctic ice road, visiting first nation culture, dog sledding along the Yukon Quest Race, cross-country skiing in Kluane National Park, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, ice fishing and watching the northern lights dance among the star-filled Arctic sky.

At the unique and exclusive AuroraCentre our guest can experience the magic of watching the Northern Lights in style and comfort under the open sky of the North.

Our guest describe their experience during our tours as “unforgettable”, “a dream come true” and “a journey which I will remember the rest of my life” but for us our programs are truly a symbol of northern

We Also Offer: Day Trips, Dogsledding, Northern Lights Viewing, Wildlife Viewing

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Arctic Day: Aurora Borealis Viewing | evening

Arctic Day: Aurora Viewing | evening

Aug 15, 2017 - Apr 15, 2018

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One of the most sought-after Northern experiences, a Yukon winter vacation is only complete with viewing the aurora borealis cascading across the Yukon night sky. The Northern Lights have captivated viewers since the beginning of time, as evidence by the many Yukon First Nation legends they’ve inspired. We invite you to join us on our Aurora viewing tour at our custom built Aurora viewing location, far from the lights of the city, so you can experience the Northern Lights for yourself.
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