Busted Up: A Yukon Story takes place in Canada's far north; the land of the midnight sun, a place where the caribou outnumber the humans, a territory of extreme weather and the traditional home of 14 different First Nations. In this unusual setting, a plethora of real-life characters whose opinions and stories are as varied as their age and ethnic backgrounds reveal themselves: how they ended up in the Yukon, why they stayed, their beliefs, their roots and their fears.

Throughout the play, the juxtaposed voices of these people gather and evolve around the relationships between aboriginal people and settlers, natural resource extractions, the growing immigrant population and the fast paced changes Canada's north is experiencing. The result is a powerful play full of humor, violence, absurdity, and tenderness.

“…it simultaneously brought me to laughter and broke my heart.”

The play was created as part of The Yukon Verbatim Project, which consisted of gathering over 60 interviews from Yukon residents across the Yukon Territory. The actors portray over twenty real life Yukon characters using only their words as recorded during the interviews.

Busted Up: A Yukon Story is proud to be presented as part of Canada’s 150th anniversary celebrations.

Sep 15, 2017 - Sep 23, 2017

The Old Fire Hall