Burwash Landing and Destruction Bay


Burwash Landing and Destruction Bay lie on the perimeter of Kluane National Park and Reserve and the Tachal Region in Yukon. Burwash Landing is on the Alaska Highway, 285 km from Whitehorse and 127 km northwest of Haines Junction with Destruction Bay lying 19 km southeast of Burwash Landing.

Southern Tutchone Revival

Burwash Landing is the home of the Kluane First Nation. An exciting recent development here is the revival of the Southern Tutchone language and culture which has been taking place in this quiet lakeside community over the last few years. Visitors to Burwash Landing will immediately notice this cultural and historic change when they pull into town and see the bilingual street and traffic signs. Recently, several prominent geographic features in the Kluane area have reverted to their Southern Tutchone names―just watch for signs along the Alaska Highway―and even the Kluane First Nation hockey team jerseys are in Southern Tutchone.

The Kluane Museum of Natural History is located in Burwash Landing, with impressive displays which bring Yukon history alive, fascinating wildlife dioramas and interesting cultural exhibits that include Kluane First Nation artifacts, beaded ceremonial clothing and 18,000-year-old mammoth teeth. Burwash Landing offers visitor services including local accommodation, beautiful nearby hiking trails, a service station and a laundromat.

Destruction Bay

Nestled Between Kluane National Park and Kluane Lake Named for a severe windstorm in the 1940s, Destruction Bay was founded as an Alaska Highway con­struction camp and is now a quiet lakeside village. The community is home to just over 50 residents, most of whom are Southern Tutchone of the Kluane First Nation.

A boat ramp provides access to Kluane Lake and superb trout fishing at Destruction Bay. The Yukon's largest lake, glacier-fed Kluane Lake owes its deep blue colour to suspended particles of glacial silt. Wander the curving beaches of Kluane Lake and enjoy fishing, paddling and camping near its shores. Tachäl Dhäl (Sheep Mountain) Interpretive Centre is just 30 minutes south of Destruction Bay.

Visit Destruction Bay's Parks Canada Visitor Centre for hiking information, to watch for Dall's sheep though spotting scopes and learn about Kluane National Park and Reserve. Destruction Bay visitor services include a Parks Canada Visitor Center, RV park, a motel, restaurants, laundromat services, a general store and a service station.

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