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Marketing Toolkit

Tourism Yukon has built a powerful and consistent brand to promote the Yukon as a tourist destination. We offer the use of our logo and brand identity for partner advertising. Co-branding marketing efforts help effectively communicate the broader attributes of Yukon within your own product offering.

The Marketing Toolkit provides an effective framework to guide your use of the Tourism Yukon Brand.

Who We Are

Learn about the Tourism Yukon Brand philosophy, created to reflect the warmth and beauty of its people, landscapes, culture and history.

Marketing Toolkit 01 – Who We Are

Who We Market To

The Yukon is particularly appealing to two types of travellers based on the CTC Explorer Quotient research as identified in 2010: Authentic Experiencer and Cultural Explorer. Learn more about these two important target groups.

Marketing Toolkit 02 – Who We Market To

Graphic Elements

The use of consistent logo display, type, colour and photography will ensure you get the very most out of your association with the Tourism Yukon Brand. Learn about integrating graphic guidelines into your communications to get maximum value out of the Tourism Yukon Brand. Visit our photo library and register for immediate access to high-resolution photographs.

Marketing Toolkit 03 – Graphic Elements

The Written Word

What we say and how we say it is crucial to conveying our message, bringing the visuals to life and creating a consistent voice. Learn more about the language we use to describe Yukon.

Marketing Toolkit 04 – The Written Word

How To Create An Ad Campaign

By partnering with the Yukon Brand, you can leverage the awareness of our brand that already exists, and make your advertising dollars go much further. Learn how to execute a campaign for your specific offering that capitalizes on the Yukon Brand advertising.

Marketing Toolkit 05 – How to Create An Ad Campaign

How to Host Travel Trade & Media

Familiarization (fam) tours give both the travel trade and the media a true understanding of the travel experience you offer. Whether you participate in a Tourism Yukon fam tour or create your own, fam tours can be very effective in generating travel trade partners and media exposure.

Marketing Toolkit 05 – How to Host Travel Trade + Media


Questions? Contact Denny Kobayashi, Senior Manager Global Marketing