Duration: 7 Days
Getting Started
Season: Winter

Across brightly lit snow by day and under northern lights by night, for nearly 40 years Percy DeWolfe delivered the mail by dog sled between Dawson City, Yukon, and the remote Alaskan community of Eagle. Once a critical form of transportation in the North, today you can enjoy dogsledding for the pure enjoyment of it. Spend your days coasting across snowy hills, and your evenings watching for aurora.

Day 1 – Meet Our Four-legged Ambassadors

Arrive in Whitehorse, meet your hosts, and enjoy the short drive to the lodge and kennels out at Lake Laberge (yes, the Lake Laberge from the Robert Service poem!). After settling in, start getting to know the friendly huskies. Walk around the dog yard, learn their names and discover their personalities. Then relax and enjoy the famous Yukon hospitality.

Days 2-4 – Dogmushing 101

You'll learn about harnesses, tuglines and brakes and practice commands that your trusty dogs will listen for. Each day you will venture out on new trails to explore Yukon's beautiful winter wilderness. You'll meet accomplished dogmushers and great Yukon characters and hear amazing stories from the trail. Dogmushing may teach you new things about yourself too.

Days 5-6 – Into the Wild White Yonder

Some dogsledding tours include a guided overnight journey to a rustic cabin or wall tent in the woods. What an adventure! Savour the camaraderie: it's all about you and your team on the open trail, crossing a sweeping wild landscape. Away from any hint of artificial light, the stars are even brighter as they wait to be joined by magical northern lights.  

Day 7 – Until We Meet Again

After saying farewell to the dogs, it's time to think about heading home. Celebrate your experience and savour the companionship of your new friends. Go snowshoeing in the woods, or find a quiet spot to read or write. Send a postcard or two. Perhaps find a unique souvenir of your Yukon adventure. 

Must See & Do
Places to Stay
Classic Yukon Dogsledding
Classic Yukon Dogsledding
Classic Yukon Dogsledding
Even though this trip includes them, your stay doesn’t have to be all rustic cabins and wall tents! There are a range of hotels, motels, lodges and welcoming B&Bs
Don't Forget
Weather and Clothing
Classic Yukon Dogsledding
It's important to be prepared for sudden changes in weather and temperature, especially if you are doing outdoor activities.
Discover Your Yukon

How to Get Here

Dogsleds by day. Northern lights by night. Even in winter, it’s easy to come north. Major commercial airlines make it easy by connecting Whitehorse with Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Kelowna, and Yellowknife.