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Story Ideas

Mother Nature at Her Very Best

If your readers are inspired by stories set in pristine wilderness, the Yukon is hard to top. Almost 80 per cent of the Yukon remains wild with a rich landscape of towering mountains, vast boreal forests, sweeping tundra, glacier-fed rivers and rugged coastline. And with a dozen major national and territorial parks and exceptional opportunities to watch northern wildlife, Yukon's "larger than life" vistas, soul-stirring journeys and invigorating outdoor experiences are legendary.

New Conquests for Seasoned Adventurers

Do your readers crave unforgettable scenery, active athletic challenges and lots of elbow room? Is adventure travel their true passion? For travellers in-the-know, the Yukon is an adventure nirvana, combining breathtaking unspoiled wilderness, mountain ranges teeming with wildlife, and over 70 wild mountain rivers. "Larger than Life" wilderness adventure is what the Yukon does best come and see for yourself.

Fascinating Yukon Phenomena

We've got the colourful five per cent and we are proud of it. Yukon and Yukoners are not about mundane, boring experiences. We strive to be different in personality and by nature. We've got long winters to think about how different we are and what we can do to emphasize it. We've also got natural phenomena reflected in our "Larger than Life" tagline. Write a story, give us a call - you'll realize our fascinating natural phenomena comes to us naturally.

Outrageous and Extraordinary Yukon Events

Yukoners are a lively bunch and we like to keep active year-round. It's not surprising that our <a href="/media/discoveryukon/calendarofevents/">Yukon calendar of events</a> is filled; bursting with festivals and special events. Any time more than two Yukoners get together, it's a party, so just imagine the possibilities for a good time.

Sep 02 2016 to Sep 05 2016
Minto Park & Crocus Bluff Ball Fields
Sep 09 2016 to Sep 12 2016
Diamond Tooth Gerties Gambling Hall