From September to April, visitors to the Yukon are often treated to the magical sight of undulating neon ribbons in the night sky—the aurora borealis. Streamers of green, magenta and blue light arch and shimmer overhead, and according to some, even make a crackling noise. Northern lights have inspired many myths and legends.

Yukon’s low-light winters make for excellent viewing, with fall and spring producing dramatic effects. Come and experience Yukon winter activities such as dog sledding or snowshoeing by day, and spend your nights being enchanted by the northern lights. What could be more inspiring than watching this celestial show from the comfort of a cozy cabin, viewing deck or steaming hot tub? Yukon operators offer a variety of northern lights tour packages.

What exactly creates this magic northern phenomenon? Solar dust forms rings around the polar regions, and these particles get charged by gases in Earth’s upper atmosphere. The result is gas molecules that glow like neon lights! Whether you’re fascinated by the science or intrigued by legends or thrilled by the opportunity to photograph the aurora, the sight of dancing lights in the night sky nourishes all souls.