Where Grizzlies and Salmon Congregate
The ecological reserve at the heart of Fishing Branch Ni’iinlii’njik Park has a microclimate created by thermal energy stored in underground reservoirs. Despite extreme winter conditions, warm water flows year-round, creating permafrost-free conditions and an island of temperate forest. The Fishing Branch River supports a robust chum salmon fishery, and grizzly bears congregate near Bear Cave Mountain each fall to feed on spawning salmon. The Vuntut Gwitchin people know the ecologically rich Fishing Branch area as Ni’iinlii’njik―where salmon spawn. They have known about this sacred place for a very long time, recognizing it as critical for fish and wildlife protection.

Experience Fishing Branch
Fishing Branch Park is a remote wilderness park visited by very few people. Access to the ecological reserve is restricted to protect wildlife and habitat. The Vuntut Gwitchin are planning to offer grizzly bear viewing tours in the fall. Contact Yukon Parks for more information about visiting Fishing Branch.

For more information on experiencing Fishing Branch Ni’iinlii’njik Park visit the Environment Yukon website.