Fiery Tundra, Wildlife and Jagged Peaks

Memorable for its black granite peaks, idyllic alpine lakes and subarctic tundra landscapes, Tombstone Territorial Park is an icon among Yukon destinations. The Dempster Highway runs north through Tombstone, making wildlife, birds and tundra walks accessible to even roadside explorers. For backpackers, the heart of Tombstone can be discovered only a day’s hike from the highway.

An enduring image of Tombstone Territorial Park is the explosion of colour which erupts in late summer when entire tundra valleys metamorphose to become a living palette of crimson, orange and gold. From the Tombstone Viewpoint overlooking the North Klondike River valley, the jagged peaks of the Tombstone mountain range dominate the landscape. Beyond North Fork Pass is Blackstone Uplands, where wildlife sightings are frequent and birding opportunities abound. Tombstone is also an important heritage of the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in people who have hunted and camped here for centuries.

Experience Tombstone

Yukon adventure companies offer the full gamut of wilderness experiences in Tombstone, from hiking and backpacking to photo safaris and cultural tours. A journey to Tombstone begins with a visit to the Tombstone Park Interpretive Centre, about an hour north of the North Klondike Highway turnoff. Tombstone Park naturalists will be happy to share their local knowledge, park and travel information, dates for special park events and tips for anyone keen on wildlife viewing. The area includes the beautiful Tombstone Park Campground, nestled in a grove of spruce trees along the Upper Klondike River.

For more information on experiencing Tombstone Territorial Park visit the Environment Yukon website.