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Winter Survival Course - 2 Days

The Yukon winter is a beautiful but also a very unforgiving season. On this two day course we will cover the skills that could save your live if you are in a pinch during the cold time of the year. You will learn how to assemble a basic survival kit and then how to use it's contents to build a shelter, start a warming fire, secure drinking water and gather some survival food. We will also show you how to signal for help and navigate without map & compass.

Package 8

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Basic Aurora Borealis Tour

We want to invite you to experience the natural wonder of the Aurora Borealis with us - those mystic dancing northern lights over the nightly skies that have fascinated and influenced cultures around the world for centuries. We have various tours, ranging in length from 2 to 4 nights; however, you can certainly customize your trip with optional tours like sled dog rides and the Wildlife Preserve to match your interests.

Rookie for a Day--Canadian Signature Experience

Experience a day with the dogs on the ranch helping with daily activities. Join our river walk and learn about dog sledding in the Yukon with a focus on the Yukon Quest trail. Plenty of hands-on experience with the dogs and the puppies. Lunch and hot beverages are included. This is a tour to experience year round, check out our winter Rookie adventures at Accommodation add-on's available in our Main Lodge or Yukon lifestyle Cabins.

Customized Yukon River Canoe Trips

Design your own guided Yukon River canoe trip. Common options are 2 to 3 days (Whitehorse to Lake Laberge), 6 to 8 days (Lake Laberge to Carmacks), or 14 to 18 days to explore all the way to Dawson. Trips can be designed to include time for hiking, drifting, history, or adding a rest day at a favourite camp. Guests may also spend time along the way at our wilderness homestead and sled dog kennel at Lake Laberge, where our family has lived for over 30 years.

Romantic Adventurer

Welcome to your very own log cabin on a remote lake nestled within a tiny artist community. Experience life with the locals and share in the tradition of bathing in a lakeside sauna, napping and dining in the greenhouse conservatory, hang out in the tree house library, or have tea in the Mongolian yurt. Workshops available in glass fusion, journal making and writing. Hiking, canoeing, mountain biking available. Each package is designed to suit individual needs, starting at $700.00 per week.