Getting Around Yukon is Easy

By Road

With plenty of open road, very few people and breathtaking scenery, driving is one of the easiest and most rewarding ways to see the Yukon. Most routes are paved and can be driven year-round, although the most popular time is during the summer and early autumn when days are warm and long.

Scenic Drives

Choose from seven spectacular Yukon iconic drives. The very names of these roads hint of adventure―the famed Alaska Highway, the Klondike, the Top of the World, the Dempster. All provide an exhilarating combination of beautiful scenery, friendly communities and something to see or do around every corner. The routes takes between two and five days to complete.


Just because we’re surrounded by all this wilderness doesn’t mean we’re without services―all major highways have gas stations, repair shops, dump stations, stores, restaurants and other visitor facilities.

Gas stations are located at regular intervals along most highways. However, visitors planning on travelling secondary roads should check the location of the next fuel stop before setting out and consider carrying extra fuel. The driving is relatively easy although drivers should be prepared for gravel roads once off the main highways.

Several car and RV rental companies have offices in Whitehorse―there is no car rental in Dawson City. One of the most popular self-drive options in the Yukon is to rent an RV or motorhome. With plenty of clean and comfortable campgrounds in spectacular wilderness areas throughout the territory, visitors can experience the beauty of this land without foregoing the comforts of home. If you have clients who want to take the road less travelled but don’t want to have to rough it, then suggest they get behind the wheel of an RV.

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