Marketing Opportunities With Us

Tourism Yukon welcomes all trade partners to actively work with us to market the Yukon as a year-round leisure, MICE and Sport Tourism destination. Here are the many ways we collaborate with trade partners to help raise awareness and communicate the uniqueness of a Yukon travel experience with your clients.

Yukon Vacation Planner

Published once a year, this helpful free Yukon vacation planner gives current information about vacation ideas, sites, attractions, travel activities and regional highlights. For more information please contact Jim Kemshead at (867) 667-5949 or

Visit - our comprehensive consumer website is a top source of information for trade and travel agents seeking complete visitor resources.

Co-operative Marketing Opportunities

Tourism Yukon recognizes the strength of the Canadian Tourism Commission, tour operators and wholesalers, airlines and third parties with national reach in key markets. Co-operative marketing partnerships are based on proposals submitted to Tourism Yukon.

For North America including Mexico, please contact Annie-Claude Dupuis at 1-867-667-5429 or

For Overseas, Asia Pacific markets, please contact Jessica Ruffen at 1-867-667-3606 or

For Overseas, Europe/UK markets, please contact Robin Anderson at 1-867-667-3532 or

Familiarization (FAM) Tours (For Suppliers)

Every year Tourism Yukon, with the support of industry partners, hosts international buyers (i.e. Canada specialist agents and reservation staff, tour wholesalers and operators) in order to showcase the Yukon as a year-round destination and all it has to offer their potential clients. These tours are generally pre-qualified and in cooperation with our CTC and air carrier partners. They may also take place on an ad hoc basis, subject to consideration and approval based on strategic marketing direction and other factors.

Any market- and export-ready suppliers interested in potential familiarization tours should be prepared to offer their product on a complimentary or special discounted “fam” tour rate. Please note that familiarization tours are a cost-effective means to showcase the Yukon, and the development of itineraries is also based on product/market match, timing and the interest of the clients.

Trade Shows

Join us at one of the many travel trade shows Tourism Yukon participates in.