Top Reasons Visitors Remember the Yukon

The Adventure

The Yukon is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts. Yukoners take adventure seriously during the winter or summer - and there's lots to do! 

Hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding - this landscape was made for exploring

Canoeing, kayaking and rafting - a mecca for paddling enthusiasts with 70 wilderness rivers and countless scenic lakes. 

Fishing and hunting - you'll find some of Canada's best fishing for lake trout, northern pike, arctic grayling, rainbow trout and salmon.

Dogsledding, skiing, snowmobiling and snowshoeing - explore winter the way it's supposed to be, there are plenty of exciting ways to explore the Yukon in the winter. 

The Environment

In a big land, the size of California with a small town population of 33,000 people, visitors have room to be themselves. Pristine waters and air will rejuvenate the soul, and witnessing wildlife in an endless natural habitat will restore your connection with the natural world.

The History

The Klondike Gold Rush defined Canada in the later 1800's. Today visitors can experience a hike on the Chilkoot Trail, ride a the rails of the historic White Pass and Yukon Route, board a turn of the last century paddle wheel or stroll the streets of Dawson City or Carcross.

The Culture

Visitors will be able to learn and experience first-hand at festivals, events and tours about the First Peoples of Yukon and their strong link to the land and wildlife.

The Aurora

A National Geographic reader survey listed watching the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) as the most natural spiritual attraction to experience in North America. While as common as a sunset for northerners, a spectacular display can pierce city lights and strike everyone with awe.

Top Reasons to Sell the Yukon

High Industry Understanding of Commissionable Rates

The Yukon Government and tourism industry have established Trade Ready Standards for businesses working with the travel agents, tour operators and wholesalers. Our training programs are aimed at assisting industry in understanding and preparing them to work with travel trade as partners in distribution and sales of their services.

Up Sell Regional Travel

Add on to Western Canada and Alaskan. You know that most clients want to experience more. Add onto Western Canada and Alaskan travel with Yukon, the most visited destination in northern Canada.

Range of Product to Fit Your Client's Travel Budget

From high-end hotels and lodges to hostels and cabins; multi-day northern safaris to self-guided hikes; from motorhomes to bicycle rentals; luxury cruises and land packages to guided river paddles; to adventure and everything else under the sun (the midnight sun).

High Visitor Satisfaction Rate

Our visitor surveys have shown consumer satisfaction for everything from aurora and wildlife viewing to accommodations, meals, and so much more. 

Sales Support

The Department of Tourism and Culture has dedicated staff to assist you in developing and promoting packaged and FIT travel. Contact us and let's get you selling Yukon!