The art of Tlingit storytelling is not lost on Megan Jensen

As winter comes to an end, the long dark days finally start to see the light of the Yukon sun. So what better time for Megan Jensen, a Formline Tlingit artist, to tell the story of how Raven brought light to the world. But first, to bring this project to life, she needed a canvas. So as the days grew longer and the long awaited sun signaled the change of season, Megan, with the help of the team set out to create her biggest art piece to date. Hear her tell Raven's story, and watch her shed light on the time-honoured art of the Tlingit people.

The Lingít (Tlingit) sentences in this film were provided by Ànàłahàsh Sam Johnston, to the Children Of The Taku Society for their beginner Level 1 Story Textbook. Guna Megan Jensen learned this simplified version of the "Yéil Kagán It'aanikát Aawatée Shkalneek," in the 2020 Shkalneek 1 Class.

And if you’re into director’s cuts, check out the extended version of the video here. Created in collaboration between Megan Jensen and TSU North.

We acknowledge the traditional territories of the Yukon First Nations and the importance of showing respect:

  • for the land by leaving it as you find it
  • for the water, habitat and all living animals
  • for the culture, traditions, virtues and values of each distinct nation.