Information about safe operation of accommodations and services in the Yukon during COVID-19:

All Yukon businesses, including hotels, other types of accommodations, restaurants, bars, stores and tourist attractions are required to have a completed COVID-19 operational plan to ensure they are meeting the requirements of the public health measures (e.g. physical distancing and cleaning/sanitizing).

For many businesses and service providers, the public health risk can be adequately minimized so long as:

  • 2-metre physical distancing is maintained;
  • hand hygiene practices are followed for both staff and the public;
  • employees stay home when sick;
  • everyone follows the requirements for self-isolation; and
  • shared areas and surfaces are regularly cleaned and disinfected.

Click here for a list of accommodations that are open for business.

Even though we update our website frequently, we strongly recommend that you check for the most current COVID-19 related travel information.