How you can help keep yourself and our communities safe:

COVID-19 could pose a risk to rural and remote Yukon communities. Travellers are being asked to protect the Yukoners that call these places home. Be respectful of community members’ requests when entering a community or a business.

Community Safety 

  • You may shop in local stores and buy food in restaurants if they're open for business and welcoming visitors from outside their communities.
  • Please do not loiter outside shops or in the communities if you do not have a reason to do so.
  • Honour the wishes of the municipalities and First Nations governments whose land you intend to visit.
  • Check whether the local community or First Nations government is accepting visitors before travel.
  • Do not visit national parks that are currently closed to the public. 
  • You can use boat launches in and around Yukon. But please be respectful when you do so.
  • As of December 1st, 2020, everyone must wear a mask in all indoor public spaces.

What to do if you start to experience COVID-19 symptoms or become sick while travelling in Yukon

While Yukon has done well in containing the spread of COVID-19 to date, the risk of catching and spreading the virus still exists. If you start to feel unwell or experience any symptoms of COVID-19 during your time in Yukon, you should self-isolate and call immediately 811 and speak with a health professional to determine if you require testing. If someone has symptoms and needs immediate, urgent medical attention, they should call 911 and tell them they may have COVID-19.

If testing for COVID-19 is required, you will need to phone ahead and then proceed to the closest emergency room or health centre. It is imperative that you phone ahead so that they are prepared when you arrive. Greeters will meet you at the door to screen and properly admit you and will be able to ensure that all appropriate measures are taken to avoid possible transmission of the virus to other patients and staff at the emergency room or health centre. You may find the health centres phone numbers below.

While you are awaiting the test results you will be required to go into self-isolation and follow the advice of the health care provider. In Yukon, self-isolation for non-residents is only permitted in Whitehorse. Contact the Emergency Support Services team at 867-332-4587, they will work with you to assess the situation and determine the safest self-isolation plan and if required, transportation requirements for getting to Whitehorse.

It is important to note that any costs associated with self-isolation, including food, accommodation or for having to extend your stay in Yukon will be your responsibility.

We are also recommending that while in Yukon you keep a journal or detailed record of when and where you visited during your time in the event that you do experience symptoms and contact tracing is required. Please also ensure you have your health care card with you during your trip.

Even though we update our website frequently, we strongly recommend that you check for the most current COVID-19 related travel information.

Yukon health care centre and hospital contacts



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