Guidelines for national, territorial, and municipal parks may be different: 

Government of Yukon campground guidelines for campers and park visitors:

  • Pre-purchase your camping permit online (for Yukon residents) or at a licensed vendor.
  • Pack everything you need before hitting the road to limit stops in communities.
  • Only buy supplies in the community if stores are welcoming business.
  • Bring extra water, soap, hand sanitizer and toilet paper.
  • If you’re a Yukoner, only camp with members of your “combined household bubble" (3 to 5 families - maximum number of individuals in a bubble is 15)
  • Clean your picnic table before and after use.
  • Use your RV’s toilet if you have one.
  • Follow all park and campground rules and the 6 steps to staying safe.

What’s open at Government of Yukon parks and campgrounds?

Private campgrounds

  • Campsites are required to provide greater distances between sites and more contained areas.
  • Campers are required to respect the rules and safety measures put in place by campground owners and operators and practice the 6 steps to staying safe.

Backcountry camping

National Parks & Historic Sites

Where it is possible to manage health and safety risks, some Parks Canada places in the Yukon have resumed services. Visitors will have access to the following services and facilities:

  • Kluane National Park and Reserve 
    • Kathleen Lake Day-Use Area Shelter 
    • Campfires are allowed in established rings only. Firewood supplied on site.
    • The boat launch is open.
    • Outhouses are open
  • Chilkoot Trail National Historic Site
    • All access to Chilkoot Trail National Historic Site of Canada, including the Log Cabin Parking Lot, outhouses, backcountry areas, and the rest of the National Historic Site is strictly prohibited until further notice. No person shall enter or engage in any activity in Chilkoot Trail National Historic Site. 
  • S.S. Klondike National Historic Site
    • Now closed for the season.
  • Klondike National Historic Sites
    • The sites are now closed for the winter season.
    • Many of the buildings and spaces can be enjoyed from the streets, boardwalks, paths and public areas outside.
  • Ivvavik National Park
    • All visitor access to Ivvavik National Park is suspended until further notice.

Even though we update our website frequently, we strongly recommend that you check for the most current COVID-19 related travel information.

Please follow all park and campground rules and the 6 steps to staying safe.