What to expect when visiting restaurants and bars in the Yukon:

  • Restaurant dining rooms and bars are open, but must follow strict new guidelines from health officials. Operational plans must be approved by health officials.
  • Businesses must maintain a list of customers and keep the information for 30 days. You will be asked for the contact information for one person in your party.
  • Seating is limited to 50% of maximum capacity and set up in a way to maintain 2 meters of physical space between patrons.
  • There must be adequate signage to inform customers of physical distancing and sanitation/hygiene efforts.
  • Restaurants and bars must post signs advising customers who arrive with cold, influenza or COVID-19-like symptoms to return home.
  • Hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol must be made available near doors, pay stations, and other high touch locations for customers and staff to use.
  • Servers should be encouraged to step back from customers when using a payment machine.
  • Single-use containers must be provided for take-out foods.
  • There may be no use of reusable or customer-supplied containers.
  • Customers may use their own utensils when necessary.

For additional information, see the reopening guidelines for food premises and the bars, pubs, lounges and nightclubs reopening guidelines.

Even though we update our website frequently, we strongly recommend that you check yukon.ca/covid-19 for the most current COVID-19 related travel information.