As of November 20, everyone entering the Yukon must self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival. See Border restrictions during COVID-19 for details. Depending on how you’re arriving in the Yukon, it’s important to plan appropriately. Whether you’re travelling by air or by car, you’ll need to be prepared to meet a few requirements at your point of entry.

Some of the Yukon’s communities are rural and remote. At this time of heightened health risk, travel to Yukon communities outside Whitehorse is best done in a safe, respectful fashion. Always practice the 6 steps to staying safe and please be aware that some Yukon communities may have stations set up on the highway and will ask for your personal information and travel plans when you enter their communities.  

Before travelling to any Yukon community, check for specific travel advisories in that area. 

As you plan your trip to the Yukon, you’ll find some businesses, parks, accommodations, and restaurants etc., are still in the process of re-opening or developing their re-opening plans. Contact these services directly to find out what they can offer, or contact our Travel Counsellor for advice.  

And plan to make our Visitor Information Centre your first stop when you arrive in Whitehorse for the latest updates on what to see and do throughout the Yukon!