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  • The lake system is popular for canoe trips. Small bays, islands and peninsulas make it friendly for children and beginners.
  • Snafu is a military acryonym for “Situation Normal – All ‘Fouled’ Up.” It was 1 of 2 forest fire crew camps in the late 1950s.
  • Both the lake's Tagish and Tlingit names, Ágáy Méne' and Ghooch Áayi mean "wolf lake", referring to the creek where wolves come to fish.
  • The gate will remain open after service to this campground has ended. Register your stay (payment not required). Bring your own wood and toilet paper and pack out your garbage. 


  • Check for special fishing restrictions here that protect sensitive trout populations.

Regions: Southern Lakes
Categories: Camping & RV Parks, Government Camping Amenities: Boat Launch
No. of Campsites: 9