Get up to speed and into gear

While it may not be as confusing as the term semi-formal, what to wear in Yukon can be a bit of a guessing game. You can experience arctic air and pacific heat, all in the same day—so dress for just about anything, and think about layering. This is especially important if you're planning outdoor trips or adventures. The only constant in our dress code, is that it’s always relaxed.


Pack long-sleeved shirts, pants, a windbreaker or shell jacket, sweaters, a warm hat and gloves, plus walking shoes and waterproof boots.


Pack a couple pairs of shorts and plenty of T-shirts. On an outdoor excursion, always bring comfortable pants, long sleeves and an outer layer. Windbreakers and zip-up hoodies are essential at higher elevations. Even though it’s summer, if the sun hides behind a cloud, the temperature can cool instantly. Brimmed hats, sunglasses and sunscreen can be lifesavers and good walking or hiking shoes are a must. Consider packing a bug jacket for backcountry jaunts. 


Bring plenty of long-sleeved shirts, fleece, sweaters and windbreakers. Pack a warm hat, gloves, walking shoes and waterproof boots.


Bring a good parka and insulated winter boots—those ones are important. If you’ve booked a trip or tour, ask if winter clothes are included. Pack lots of warm clothes: long underwear, wool socks, gloves, scarves, a warm hat and snow pants if you have them. Be prepared and learn how to stay safe in cold weather