We understand there are a lot of questions surrounding travel at this time. If you have a question about travelling to the Yukon, we’ve provided some FAQs to make finding answers easier.

Check out our COVID-19 related FAQ below:

Do I need to wear a mask?
  • Mask use in indoor spaces is longer mandatory but is strongly encouraged, particularly when people are in close quarters where it is difficult to physically distance. The following establishments have the right to request that their clients wear masks before entering a space and their requests should be respected:
    • Retail shops and grocers
    • Bars and restaurants
    • Recreational centres
    • Public or private transit
  • Bars and restaurants will be able to return to full capacity for bar and countertop services.

Learn more about the current COVID-19 situation in the Yukon. 

How many past and current COVID cases are there in the Yukon?

COVID-19 cases information is updated frequently on yukon.ca/covid-19.

What is the vaccination rate in the Yukon? 

Information regarding the vaccination rates within the Yukon can be found here: yukon.ca/en/this-is-our-shot

Do I have to self-isolate when I arrive in the Yukon?

Travellers arriving in the Yukon are no longer required to complete a self-isolation period no matter their vaccination status. 

How big is the Yukon and how many people live there?

The estimated population of Yukon on December 31, 2019 was 41,761.

The geographic size of the Yukon is 482,443 km². That means a population density of about 0.1/km2.

Where is there cell service throughout the Yukon?

The Yukon has cellular/mobile phone coverage in all Yukon communities, and smartphone coverage in Whitehorse and some communities. However, coverage does not extend along Yukon highways or into wilderness areas, so be prepared for a few hours with no cellphone signal when driving between communities.

Bell Mobility provides High Speed Packet Access (HSPA+) and Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) cellular/mobile service in 17 Yukon communities. It also maintains roaming agreements with other major HSPA or CDMA providers in Canada and the U.S., including Telus. This allows for seamless use of Bell Mobility services across most of North America. Telus customers will have similar access to Bell subscribers through the Telus and Bell roaming agreement.

If you want to connect with someone from our team, please contact us at:
  • email: vacation@gov.yk.ca
  • text: 1-866-677-6804
  • call: Yukon Visitor Information Centre toll-free at 1.800.661.0494

To get non-medical COVID-19 information, get in touch with us via phone at 1.877.374.0425 from 7:30am to 8pm PT.