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A Nature Enthusiast’s Dream

With pristine wilderness surrounding you, the midnight sun above you, and the squeaky wheel of the charming westfalia you rented below you (you might want to get that checked), there’s no shortage of feel-good vibes on the Alaska Highway. The 2200km stretch boasts dozens of unique government operated campgrounds—but if it’s glamping you’re after, you might want to bring your own fuzzy robe and slippers (we’re more of a one-with-nature kind of place).

If you’re planning a road-trip camping adventure in the Yukon, here are 5 must-stay sites that’ll blow your mind, and at $12 a night, they’re good for your wallet and for your spirit.

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Congdon Creek

Leave your alarm clock at home because the lapping shores of Kluane Lake are your wake up call at Congdon Creek. Famous for its spacious sites, clean bathrooms, and waterfront grounds, this site is a must-stop. You’ll even get a free foot massage on the gravely shores of the beach—rocks between your toes is the new sand between your toes. Heads up, bears love to roam this site, so campers in tents stay within a secured area for everyone’s safety.

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Pine Lake

Nestled near Haines Junction with an epic view of the mountains, Pine Lake has it all. With a sandy beach and a boat launch on the lake, you’ll be too mesmerized by the turquoise waters to remember that it’s also one of the few campsites in the Yukon with cell service.

03 Location

Wolf Creek Campground

If it’s fish you fancy, Wolf Creek Campground has its own salmon enhancement project, where you can view the route of thousands of migrating Chinook salmon—you could say it’s fin-tastic, but we wouldn’t, because that’s a pretty bad pun. For nature enthusiasts, this site also has its very own wheelchair accessible trail through a lush boreal forest, so you can find a little peace and quiet from that one crazy uncle who loves “back in my day” stories.

04 Location

Marsh Lake

If fishing, bird watching, kayaking and swimming sound like your cup of tea, we’ve brewed a kettle full of Marsh Lake for you (it’s just a metaphor, DO NOT try to drink the lake water). If that’s not enough, this glacier-fed lake is home to Army Beach, a local favourite for its sandy beaches and welcoming waters.

05 Location

Squanga Lake

Sandwiched between a pine forest and crystal blue waters with mountain views, Squanga Lake is one of the most beautiful—and most hard to pronounce—places on our list. Head down to the famous dock for the perfect place to bask in the sun all day, and in the midnight sun all night. Don’t forget your SPF.

Congdon Creek Campground

Pine Lake Campground

Wolf Creek Campground

Marsh Lake Campground

Squanga Lake Campground