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Get away from it all. Well, most of it anyway.

The Yukon is full of beautifully out of the way places that are ideal for recharging your city-dwelling batteries. So without further ado, here are six of our favourite places to escape the daily grind.

01 Location

Tombstone Territorial Park

Topping our list is this gorgeous park filled with rugged mountains, permafrost landforms and Yukon wildlife. And if you love hiking, prepare to fall in love with Tombstone Territorial Park. It’s really one big trail—once you see a mountain you like, just pick a line and start hiking. Best of all, with 2100 square kilometres there’s hardly a soul in sight. But don’t worry, if you get too lonely you can always talk to the ravens.

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Kathleen Lake

This beautiful body of water can be found In Kluane National Park and Reserve, just south of Haines Junction. The adjacent campground features a day-use area, several hiking trails and a boat launch, which is the perfect way to catch some of the plentiful rainbow trout that call the lake home. And if you’re feeling especially adventurous, you can make the ascent to the top of King’s Throne. Which is perfect, because after that climb you might need to sit down.

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Ivvavik National Park

But if those other options are still too populated, you could always make the trek to Ivvavik National Park, which allows only a minimal number of people to visit per year.

Fly into the arctic base camp and enjoy the only flush toilet and hot shower for 500km. Plus, there are plenty of unmarked trails to hike and rivers to raft. As if that wasn’t enough, Ivvavik National Park boasts the Yukon’s only ocean shoreline, but we really don’t recommend taking a dip.

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Kusawa Lake

If the Arctic is just a little too out there, you could always head south from Whitehorse to Kusawa lake, about halfway between Whitehorse and Haines Junction.

Kusawa means “long narrow lake” in the Tlingit language and trust us, the name fits.

Kusawa Lake Campground has 53 campsites and a kitchen shelter. Plus, it also has a boat launch, just in case you want to get away and explore the water—many paddlers begin their Takhini River day trips from here.

05 Location

Lapie Canyon

Do like the ravens do and set up camp at Lapie Canyon. It’s a great place for kayaking, canoeing, rafting and spotting ravens’ nests dotted along the canyon walls. But if you’re more of a land lover, there is a scenic trail that goes along the edge of the canyon. Pro tip: stay clear of the steep cliff edges.

06 Location

Primrose Lake

Just a float plane ride away, Primrose Lake is the perfect place to explore our untouched alpine wilderness and frolic amongst the sheep and caribou. Plus, with various drop off and pick up points around the lake, you have a number of different ways to plan your hiking route. Just remember to pack light, float planes don’t take kindly to checked bags.

Tombstone Territorial Park

Kathleen Lake Campground

Ivvavik National Park

Kusawa Lake

Primrose Lake