Let your spirits soar on an unforgettable flightseeing tour

Lift off and get up—way up—for a bird’s eye view of Whitehorse’s big wilderness backyard. See the Whitehorse Rapids Dam, the longest wooden fish ladder in the world and the collection of tucked-away lakes.

The Yukon River leads to majestic Miles Canyon with its jade-coloured water flowing through steep walls of basaltic rock. Follow the river to the Southern Lakes Region for a new perspective on the smallest desert in the world, and then carry on to soar over the historic Chilkoot Trail. Keep your eye out for wildlife like caribou, moose and bears wherever you fly.

Spend every possible moment in the air, or arrange to touch down for a wilderness picnic lunch. In Whitehorse, flightseeing options include taking a small plane or a helicopter from the airport. Climb into a float plane on nearby Schwatka Lake for the added thrill of taking off and landing on the water. Stay in the air and return to Schwatka, or land on either Marsh or Bennett Lake—or both!

Regions: Southern Lakes, Whitehorse Region Communities: Carcross, Whitehorse
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