Boats, trains and historic trails

Visit the historic village of Carcross and colourful Carcross Commons. Grab a coffee and browse the many unique boutiques carrying art and gifts inspired by the area’s heritage, and handmade crafts featuring traditional skills like carving and beading. Step inside the Skookum Jim House to view a collection of historical photos. There’s also an off-site MacBride Museum exhibit with fascinating details about the Chilkoot Trail, the area’s First Nations history, and the era of sternwheelers working the network of lakes.

Pause at the memorial site of the S.S. Tutshi nearby. Visitors can make their way along the boardwalk beside the paddlewheeler’s remains and imagine the ship in its glory days. A short distance away, Dawson Charlie Street is almost exclusively historic buildings, including the iconic White Pass & Yukon Route train station, the Caribou Hotel, and the Matthew Watson General Store—the longest operating store in the Yukon. At the end of the street, the railway tracks cross the historic swing bridge toward Montana Mountain and the White Pass summit.

Across the ravine from the railway’s route lies the world-famous Chilkoot Pass. Long before it became the grueling passage for goldseekers, the trail from the coast was a Tlingit trade route. Today, those who hike the trail walk age-old paths through history.

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