Where the Yukon really shines.

Thanks to light pollution, stargazing in most populated areas is a bit “whomp whomp.” Just check out this light pollution map and you’ll see what we mean. But in the Yukon, the magic of the cosmos is hard to miss. Dark nights and clear skies allow the stars to pop and the Milky Way to shine like you’ve never seen. But if you’re the hard-to-convince type, crossing your arms saying, “Prove it,” well, have we got a 360º video for you. Shot in Kathleen Lake, this ultra HD interactive video gives you a perspective(s) that many people rarely see (but definitely should). We also created a regular stargazing video for those of you who can’t decide where to look. So whatever your viewing style, watch the videos here without straining your neck, until you can experience the real thing in person and strain your neck. Totally worth it.