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Backcountry adventures to keep front-of-mind

Dawson City is a hiker’s heaven with trails here, there and everywhere. Camping and other outdoor adventures are also on offer right now, so you can give your hiking boots a break and your tent-set-up skills a whirl.

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Hiking in Tombstone Park

Some of the best backcountry hiking is around Dawson City. Tombstone Park is a must-see destination with wildlife, untouched landscapes and legendary trails. Make sure you’re extra prepared by contacting before you head out on these longer adventures.

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Explore Grizzly Lake

Grizzly Lake provides multiple hiking options. It features an elevation gain of 800 m and some of the more challenging sections in the area with slippery talus slopes and rocky ridges. Fitness and confidence are just as important as packing water and snacks.

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Discover the land of lakes and mountains

Welcome to lake country, where the mountains are monolithic, the waters are crystal clear, and the trail options are endless. Divide Lake, for one, offers three to four hours of hiking bliss with epic views of Mount Monolith.

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Camping in Divide Lake

Divide Lake in Tombstone Park is not only a great place to hike, but also a great place to camp. So hit the trails, then finish it off with a relaxing stay at the campsite.

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Talus Lake camping

Not far from Divide Lake is Talus Lake, which not only features a one- to two-hour hike from Divide lake, but also a cozy campground. As you approach this destination, the views only get more amazing. All the more reason to stay the night.

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Take two weeks to paddle through history

For a truly historic Yukon journey, join a canoe or kayak trip on the Yukon River that lasts just over two weeks. You’ll spend the long, relaxed days of summer paddling, camping in tents and eating by the campfire under the midnight sun. Combine all that with wildlife viewing, beautiful mountain vistas and gold rush history, and you have a wilderness experience you won’t soon forget.

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