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In a rush?

Come experience one of the last great gold rushes. Dawson City is always buzzing with activity and if you're going to see it all in one day, you'd better rush! Tour guides in gold rush era garb lead visitors on walking tours through downtown Dawson City. Passengers board elegant paddle wheelers to experience the mighty Yukon River in style. There are even daily shows at Canada’s oldest gambling hall, featuring boisterous dance hall girls.

Visit dawsoncity.ca to learn more about this gold rush town. 

Trip Itinerary

01 Day

Morning: stroll the streets

Drop by the Visitor Information Centre and grab a Dawson City map to plan your route. Or join one of the many Parks Canada Walking Tours and be guided around town by a historic Dawson resident.  Snap photographs amid our picturesque buildings or visit our shops and take home a one-of-a-kind Dawson treasure.  Have a little extra time before lunch? Jump on the George Black Ferry to cross the mighty Yukon River and explore the shipwrecks at the Paddlewheel Graveyard (via the Yukon River Campground).

01 Day

Lunch: midday meal on the waterfront

Now that you have worked up an appetite, pick up some lunch at one of Dawson City's bakeries. We recommend you take your midday treat to the Waterfront Park. You may catch one of the many summer performances, or simply experience the enchanting sight of the flowing river.

01 Day

Afternoon: gold fever

Get a little taste of “gold fever” by taking a drive out to the mining roads.  Visit the place that started it all—Discovery Claim—and learn how a single nugget spawned the Klondike Gold Rush. Then swing by Free Claim #6 and try your own hand at panning. Develop a personal technique and take home whatever you find!  However, a drive to the Gold Fields is not complete until you take in Dawson’s engineering wonder: Dredge No. 4 National Historic Site!

01 Day

Dinner: a taste of variety

The Dawson region is chock-full of the finest ingredients, from morel mushrooms to wild game.  So, we recommend that you visit one of our charming restaurants and see how these local ingredients transform into tantalizing meals.  From pub fare to fine dining, Dawson has a wide variety of tastes and textures for you to explore.

01 Day

Evening: hit the town

Dawson City’s crowning glory is the spectacular panorama that can only be seen atop the Midnight Dome.  So be sure that your camera batteries are charged and there is room on you memory card, because you don’t want to miss an opportunity to capture this enchanting vista.  Once you have recovered from the breathtaking view, make your way to Canada’s first (and friendliest) gambling hall, Diamond Tooth Gerties. Be entertained by Gertie’s powerhouse vocals and her high-kicking “Gold Rush Girls.” We guarantee that 21 will be your new favourite number!

Dawson Visitor Information Centre

Front Street

Klondike Kate's Restaurant

Midnight Dome Viewpoint