It’s a different world up here.

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Mountain Scenery
A person viewing a glacier from a plane

Some say the Yukon is more epic than a Hollywood blockbuster. Rich history, thrilling excursions, stunning geography—it’s what adventures of a lifetime are made of.

Two people on snowmobiles with mountains in the background

Get ready for an experience unlike any other.

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The Yukon

is closer

A Jeep driving on snow
A ship in the water with snowy mountains in the background


you think.

The wing of an airplane with snowy mountains in the background

What kind of adventurer are you?

Dog-sledding in the snow
Let Dogs Take You for a Walk

No mode of transport can ever compare to riding with a pack of energetic pups. Whip along snowy trails, through snow-covered valleys, and across frozen rivers led by your own four-legged tour guides.

A person biking in the snow
Bike Like a Canadian

With thick, oversized tires, fat biking is often called the “monster truck of biking”. Its tires allow you to maneuver in the snow, across frozen lakes, and through untouched trails (but definitely not to crush a lineup of old cars, so please don’t try that).

An elk
Make Friends as Adventurous as You

You’ve probably strolled through a nature preserve, but have you ever skied through one? If you’re up for a next-level viewing experience, then rent a pair of skis, drop by the Yukon Wildlife Preserve, and glide your way from animal to animal.

People skiing uphill
Try Gliding Instead of Walking

What’s an activity that will get you familiar with the territory in no time, while having a good time? Cross-country skiing pretty much covers it all. And Whitehorse alone has 85km of world-class groomed trails to glide on.

A person with a drill on a frozen lake
Catch a Thrill

This isn’t your average fishing trip. After all, you don’t usually start by snowmobiling across a frozen lake and drilling a hole in the vast wilderness of the most northern parts of Canada. Before you know it, you’ll fall in love with a new hobby—hook, line, and sinker.

People snow-mobiling
See the Sights in Record Time

If you have a need for speed, then snowmobiling is a great way to go. From Dawson City to Whitehorse and everywhere in between, heading out on a snowmobile adventure is one of the most exciting ways to tell boredom to eat your dust. Or in this case, your snow.

Illuminated tents in the snow at night
Be on Top of the World

Make like a mountain goat and hike up to unforgettable panoramic views. Challenge yourself with a multi-day expedition to the edge of a glacier; passing by frosty rivers, canyons, and pristine hidden lakes along the way.

Two people sitting in a hotspring
Head to Nature’s Hot Tub

Get yourself out to the hot springs where the colder it is, the more magical it gets. Let the mineral-rich waters work their wonders, and be sure to keep your frosty eyelashes unstuck to scope for dancing northern lights above.

People at a festival in the snow
Visit the Rendezvous Festival

This isn’t the celebration of the most delicious bread known to mankind. It’s a festival celebrating the Yukon’s frontier spirit. You can try your hand at axe throwing, chainsaw chucking, and pancake eating.

The famous mummified toe in the Sourtoe Cocktail
Take Your Tastebuds on an Excursion

Discover the flavour of the Yukon with local favourites like Arctic Char, bannock, elk, spruce tip jam, haskap wine, fireweed beer and honey, and the best drink in town—the Sourtoe Cocktail (if you dare).

People snow-shoeing on a frozen lake
Walk on (Frozen) Water

Snowshoes are the best way to walk around these winter wonderlands. If you’re the tennis-playing type, you can try taping rackets to your feet. But we recommend taking a guided tour, or renting a pair and heading out on your own instead. Get ready to feel like a true explorer.

A starry sky behind trees
Connect with First Nations Culture

Each of the Yukon’s 14 First Nations has a story as old as time. Immerse yourself in their unique traditions at one of the First Nations cultural centres, or connect with the land and its people as you journey through the pathways where these stories began.

Get VIP access to nature’s light show.

The best place to see the Northern Lights.

No 3D glasses. No binoculars. No shoes or shirt (if you’re viewing from the hot springs). With so many ways to view the northern lights in the Yukon, about the only way you can't view it is from 36,000 feet on a B737 flying at 900km/h. Oh, never mind. Apparently you can do that now, too.

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"Culture, nature and art meet together."


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“One of the most incredible places I have ever been to. The pristine environment, spectacular scenery and amazing First Nations communities.”


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"The Yukon is where you meet the many faces of Mother Nature."



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