Welcome to the land of the large

Vast. Immense. Sweeping … Large is what Yukon does best. Gaze over the world's biggest non-polar ice fields or marvel at Mount Logan, Canada's highest peak, in Kluane National Park & Reserve. Explore the largest protected land space in the world on the Tatshenshini River. Experience the broad swaths of Yukon’s fall colours, nowhere more glorious than in the Patagonia of the North, Tombstone Territorial Park. Question whether you’re in the Yukon or the tropics as you encounter the ethereal tones of Emerald Lake, Spirit Lake or Miles Canyon, to name a few. Or just wander over to the pub to meet some huge personalities. It’s simply in our nature to do everything larger than life.

Northern lights and midnight sun

If you feel drawn to the light, the Yukon is calling your name. In fall and winter, the skies come alive with the rolling ribbons of nature’s greatest light show – the aurora borealis. The allure of the northern lights cannot be captured in words, you have to experience them for yourself. Or flip the switch and visit the Yukon in summer to experience a light that never seems to fade—the magic of the midnight sun. It’s the natural wonder that follows wherever your Yukon travels take you.

Wildlife and wilderness

Imagine a place where wildlife remains truly wild. Where trails wind through iconic parks, glacier-fed lakes and world-famous rivers. Where moose outnumber humans two to one, and there are just two humans for every bear. Now imagine you were here to see it all. Visit the Northern & Arctic Region and experience the ice bears of Bear Cave Mountain that attract photographers from all around the world. Witness some of the largest animal migrations in the world, including that of the great Porcupine Caribou herd. Or look to the skies as hundreds of thousands of Sandhill Cranes fly over Faro each May. Whenever you come and wherever you go, it’s all good. About 80% of the Yukon remains wilderness, so once you’re here—you really can’t miss it.