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What’s the deal with the Yukon?

By the end of this article, you’ll have a decent understanding of what goes on up here. Which is great. Because you wouldn’t want to walk into your first chainsaw chucking unprepared would you? We thought not. So sit back and relax as we give you the download on all things Yukon.

01 Location


Let’s begin with the obvious question: where in the heck is it? The Yukon borders Alaska to the west and northwest, British Columbia to the south and the Northwest Territories to the east, which we admit is a little confusing. First of all, it’s not as inaccessible as you may think. The average flight time from Montreal to Whitehorse is about six hours. That’s, like, two and a half movies. You’ve sat through two and half movies before. Right? No? Just us? 

And it’s not as remote as you think it is either. We’ll have you know that the Yukon boasts two (that’s right, two!) McDonald’s, three Starbucks, a Walmart and much more. So there.

02 Weather


Now let’s talk about the weather. No, it’s not -50 all year round. We enjoy all four seasons, with temperatures that range from plus 30 to minus 30 degrees celsius. Best of all, as the seasons change, so do our activities and adventures. During the summer months, you can do everything from hiking, camping and rafting to mountain biking. Plus, the midnight sun offers up to 20 hours of unending sunlight to fit in all those summer activities. And in the winter, you can get outside and enjoy things like snowshoeing, dog sledding and fat tire biking. You’ll even get a front row seat to one of nature’s most amazing light shows, the Aurora Borealis. What’s not to love?

03 Wildlife


If you’re looking for where the wild things are, look no further than the Yukon. The territory is a wildlife enthusiast’s paradise, with bears, moose, and elk and other assorted wildlife who call this place home. While you may want to mix and mingle with our fuzzy friends, safety is key, and common sense doesn’t hurt either. Carry bear spray, stay on trails, keep your distance from wildlife, and pack out your garbage. Oh and don’t forget your camera. Seriously. On any given day you’ll be able to photograph moose, bears, foxes, caribou and more. Not at the same time, obviously. That would be crazy.

04 Trip Planning

So there you have it.

Now that we’ve busted some of the more common myths about the Yukon, you should feel like you have all the background necessary to start planning your trip. But don’t go thinking you have us all figured out. There’s still a whole lot more to discover.

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