Fantastic Yukon Facts

All you need to know about your next epic vacation destination.

Whitehorse is the Yukon’s capital

Whitehorse is the Yukon’s capital

It’s named after the stallion-like Yukon River rapids that passed through the city.

There are 14 unique First Nations in the Yukon

There are 14 unique First Nations in the Yukon

This ancient territory has been home to the Indigenous peoples of Yukon for centuries—roughly 12,000 years.

Smallest Desert

The Carcross Desert is affectionately known as the smallest in the world

This little land measures a teeny tiny 1.6 km².

Midnight sun

Up to 24 hours of sunshine

In summer, the Midnight Sun shines all day and night in some areas.


People walked to the Yukon from Asia

The Beringia Land Bridge once linked North America and Asia about 30,000 to 16,000 years ago. You can learn all about the Ice Age that formed it at the Yukon Beringia Interpretive Centre.


Ancient art lives on in the Yukon

Carving artists like Keith Wolfe Smarch and Lorraine M. Wolfe are preserving and progressing traditional First Nations art in the territory to this day.

Longest Kayak Race

Witness the longest paddling race in the world

Every summer, canoers and kayakers race through the rapids of the Yukon River Quest.


Discover the world’s largest non-polar icefields

The St. Elias Icefields contain the most glaciers in the world, totalling over 2,000.

Official bird

The raven is the official Yukon bird

Ravens can talk and sing with an ability to make more than 100 vocalizations.

Average Temp Story

The Yukon isn’t always freezing

The average summer temperature in Whitehorse is 15ºC with highs of 31ºC. But, yes, it does get cold here, too, with an average of -18ºC in the winter.


The Yukon is as big as Spain

This territory is no small thing, measuring in at a massive 483,450 km².

Historic Sites

History is made here

From a museum filled with innovative modes of transportation to an entire forest made up of international signposts, the Yukon is filled with historical sites that can’t be missed.

Tallest Mountain

Mount Logan is 5,959m high

This peak is the second tallest in all of North America. Extra fun fact! Seventeen of the tallest 20 mountains in Canada are in the Yukon.


About 80% of the Yukon is wilderness

Not much has changed in the landscape here since humans started building things.

Longest River

Home to one of the longest river in Canada

The Yukon River is a whopping 3,190km long.

Largest land migration

The world’s largest land migration

Every year in the Yukon, 200,000 porcupine caribou embark on the longest mammal migration in the world.

Oldest Casino

Dawson City has Canada’s oldest casino

Diamond Tooth Gerties Gambling Hall wins the casino age contest (officially), and the most unique name contest (unofficially).

The road to the Arctic

Moose outnumber people in the Yukon

There are around 70,000 moose in the territory and about 40,000 people.

The road to the Arctic

The Dempster Highway: The only Canadian road to the Arctic Circle

If you want to see the tippy-top of the world, this is the way. It’s also the gateway to the Arctic Ocean.