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Each year, around 400,000 travellers visit our Larger than Life territory on exciting Yukon vacations. These visitors are looking for information to help plan and enhance their stay. 

Tourism businesses. artists and organizations can create online listings and reach some of the 300,000 people who visit each year. 

Online listings include

  • Placement under all applicable service categories
  • Unlimited vacation packages
  • A convenient log-in to manage your listing description, packages and photos

Who is eligible

  • Tourism businesses offering activities, attractions, transportation, accommodation, camping, or dining.
  • Non-government organizations featuring tourism products.
  • Municipalities and Destination Marketing Organizations wishing to promote their destination.
  • Yukon First Nations Governments featuring tourism products (e.g. cultural centres).
  • Yukon artists, studios, public art, art retail shops and galleries.

In order to be eligible, businesses and organizations must:

  • Hold and maintain all applicable insurance, licenses, permits, approvals and statutory authorities issued by any government or government agencies that are necessary to run the business.
  • Be based in the Yukon or Atlin, BC.
  • Be in good standing with Yukon Corporate Affairs and Yukon Workers’ Compensation Health and Safety Board (if applicable).
  • Have a website or web presence that provides information on cancellation and payment policies (if applicable – does not apply to artists, studios and public art).

How to get a free listing

  1. Review the Terms and Conditions to ensure that your business or organization is eligible.
  2. Watch the Tutorial Videos below, or the read the Listing Guide to learn how to create your listing and packages. 
  3. Contact us to request an account:

    Businesses - email
    Artists - email