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6 ways to take your selfies up a notch

01 Selfie Tip

Get yourself to the Yukon

From the moment you fly, drive, or dogsled into the Yukon, the views will have you reaching for your camera. Feel free to take as many nature shots as you like! Just make sure to step in front of the camera once in a while. Putting yourself in the picture will make the landscape that much more memorable. Plus, your awestruck smiles and dazzled grins are definitely picture-worthy. After all, capturing your experience in the Yukon is just as important as getting photos of the beautiful scenery. So, get ready to take some unforgettable selfies.

02 Selfie Tip

Scout a location.

There’s no shortage of amazing backdrops in the Yukon. But since you might not have time to pose in front of everything, you’ll need to make some choices. Luckily, a few locations do provide some especially noteworthy selfie material. So, whether you crack a smile in Kluane National Park, capture your beaming face in front of the Tombstone Mountain Range, or pull a goofy expression among Dawson City’s colourful buildings, you’ll end up with a jaw-dropping pic.

Of course, you’re more than welcome to stray from our advice and find your own locations. But don’t venture too far off the path—moose love to photobomb!

03 Selfie Tip

Make sure your lighting rocks.

It’s time to step into the gold-tinged spotlight. The northern lights get most of the attention around here but the Yukon’s natural selfie lighting is pretty legendary too. And thanks to the midnight sun, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to take photos all day and well into the evening.

As long as you avoid shadows and turn towards the sun, you’ll wind up in some great light. To find that sweet spot between glowing and squinting, always direct your gaze away from the sun and hold the camera right above the horizon.

04 Selfie Tip

Use landscape for landscape.

Portrait shots are all about you. Landscape shots are about you in the Yukon.

To fit more of your surroundings into the picture, flip that camera sideways and try to include the whole scene. Don’t forget: hold the camera far away from your face to get as much background into the frame as possible.

Using a selfie stick would make it easier to photograph the landscape but it might make it harder to maintain your dignity. We wouldn’t judge you, though. Sometimes, you just have to go out on a limb for the perfect selfie.

05 Selfie Tip

Work those angles.

Once your face is framed by mountains and foliage, don’t let your camera’s position distort the image. If taken from the wrong angle, your picture will have a stretched-out look, curved trees, or a slanted sky. To achieve the perfect angle, hold the camera above your nose, aim it slightly down, and make it parallel with the horizon. 

Go ahead and snap a few pics to give yourself some options. Once you’re happy with your shot, turn around and enjoy the view for a little while.

06 Selfie Tip


We’re all about creating those flawless #exploreyukon images but, honestly, filters just don’t do the Yukon justice. 

Our unfiltered advice: skip the editing process. When you get home, you’ll love flipping through your unaltered pictures. There’s nothing like reliving your authentic Yukon experiences—except living them, of course.

Grey Mountain, Whitehorse, Yukon

Dawson City, Yukon

Midnight Dome Viewpoint, Dawson City, Yukon

Tombstone Territorial Park, Yukon

Kluane National Park and Reserve, Yukon

Keno City, Yukon