Regions: Klondike, Southern Lakes, Whitehorse Region Communities: Dawson City, Carcross
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The Yukon’s popular with tourists, and the paranormal.

In the videos below, you’ll hear about the Yukon’s very own ghost builder, an extraterrestrial baker and a ghost who appreciates the opera. Don’t believe us? Book a trip up north and experience this other world for yourself.

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The Palace Grand Theatre

The Palace Grand Theatre was the most elegant and grandest opera theatre built in Dawson City around the time of the Klondike Gold Rush. Singers, dancers, and actors from around the country have graced its stage but the award for the longest performance goes to none other than builder and ghost in charge, Charlie Meadows.

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Fox Lake

Tourists journey from Whitehorse to Braeburn Lodge to enjoy the legendary cinnamon buns, but it seems their reputation has spread to the other side of our universe. Hear what owner of the lodge, Steve Watson, has to say about his other-worldly customers.

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The Caribou Hotel

The Caribou Hotel has always been a popular choice for guests looking for a quiet room, but try telling that to Bettie Gideon and W.H Simpson, the resident ghosts of the establishment. They rather enjoy knocking on doors, tapping hammers on walls, and personally welcoming guests with late night frights.

Palace Grand Theatre

Fox Lake, Yukon

The Caribou Hotel