Easy to find, hard to resist

Whether you love to shop, or you just want to stock up on the necessities, you’ll find everything you need in Whitehorse.

A thriving multicultural city, Whitehorse greets visitors with supermarkets carrying food from around the world as well as Yukon-grown or raised products. Stroll through the Outdoor Fireweed Market in Shipyards Park to shop more local products, enjoy a tasty treat and strike up a conversation in the friendly, easy-going atmosphere. Local coffee and craft beer, fireweed honey, and handmade sweets and sauces are just a few of the other tempting items available around town.

Along with farmers, bakers, brewers, chocolatiers, artisans and cooks, Whitehorse is home to dozens of crafters and artists. Downtown gift shops and galleries carry an outstanding selection of paintings, photography, pottery, textiles, carvings, beadwork and jewellery. To seek out some of the tucked-away spots, check the online Yukon Art Guide or stop by the Visitor Information Centre for a printed guide.

Much of the art is inspired by the beautiful wilderness right in Whitehorse’s backyard. If you’re heading out paddling, fishing, camping, hiking or mountain biking, downtown stores have everything you need. Friendly staff are happy to share advice on what gear and apparel works best where, as well as tips on their favourite trails, lakes and hot spots.

There are many special shops you’ll only find here, along with many recognizable chain stores. Together, they supply visitors with everything they’re looking for. From stocking up the RV fridge to finding your favourite face cream or a handmade gift to take back home, shopping in Whitehorse delivers.

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