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Leave only large, weird-looking footprints behind.

When exploring the outdoors, the right equipment can make all the difference. A toque keeps your ears toasty, gloves warm up frozen fingers, and snowshoes help you float over powder. With a pair firmly on your feet, you’ll be able to venture into uncharted territory and discover beauty hidden in every direction. Get inspired by our top spots to snowshoe, and be sure to check out the latest travel requirements before you plan to head out.

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Fish Lake – Whitehorse

As you’d expect, Fish Lake is an excellent spot to cast a line and see what’s biting, but it’s also known for its snowshoeing trails—mainly the Fish Lake Loop. The trail climbs above the treeline within an hour and once you're on the ridge, you'll discover there's more to explore than there are ways to cook the fish you just caught in the lake below.

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Auriol Trail - Kluane National Park

The Auriol, not to be confused with the shimmering lights of the Aurora, is a picturesque snowshoe trail that weaves through forests and open meadows in Kluane National Park. Due to its popularity, the trail is generally hard-packed powder, which could make the 15 km journey a little slippery so make sure you’re prepared with hiking poles.

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International Falls - White Pass

The start of the International Falls snowshoe trail is very steep and tiring, so after you’ve reached the top, remember to catch your breath because the view is likely to take it away again. The rest of the trail is relatively easy and meanders through forests and scrub with views of ancient glaciers, impressive peaks and raging winter waterfalls. You'll even get to snowshoe into the USA as part of the trail, so remember to bring your passport—unless you want the rubber glove treatment.

04 Location

Grizzly Ridge - Tombstone Territorial Park

The Yukon is home to Grizzly Ridge, Grizzly Valley, Grizzly Lake and grizzly bears—though we don't recommend you snowshoe around that last "grizzly”. Instead, strap on a pair of snowshoes and head up the ridge route, one of the most popular trails in Tombstone Territorial Park. It’s well maintained, relatively easy to complete and has plenty of top spots for a picnic along the way.

05 Location

Montana Mountain – Carcross

Carcross has a big reputation as a small town, and an even smaller desert—the world's smallest in fact. But it also has a couple of big things, like the connecting station along the White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad, which is an International Historic Civil Engineering Landmark like the Eiffel Tower and the Panama Canal. And then there’s Montana Mountain, a world-class hill for mountain biking down and snowshoeing up. The hike itself is moderately challenging and will get you higher than the entire Montana massif, opening up 360-degree views of the surrounding mountains, lakes and tracks left behind from winter fat bikers.

Fish Lake, Yukon

Auriol Trail, Kluane National Park

International Falls

Tombstone Territorial Park

Montana Mountain, Yukon