Don’t forget to pack your sense of adventure.

So, you’re coming to the Yukon and want to hike one of the world class trails on offer? Before you set off on what could be the most breathtaking hike you’ve ever experienced, you need to know what to pack. Below are the essentials we recommend on any day hike.

Packing list for hiking

CameraPics or it didn’t happen.

First aid kitStandard kits include everything you need to address minor scrapes, cuts, blisters and zombie apocalypses—wait, what?!

Bear sprayBear spray is a must on any hike in the Yukon, but with less than 17,000 roaming freely in the wild, your chances of having to use it are very slim.

WhistleUse it to make noise as a bear deterrent and to get the attention of other hikers in the area—not to annoy your hiking partner..

Water bottleHydration is one part water, and one part water bottle. Make sure you have both when you leave for your day hike.

SnacksTake enough to keep you going but not too much to slow you down. So choose trail mix over a full-size watermelon.

BinocularsSee what your hand looks like up close, or what a moose looks like from a mile away.

HeadlampPack a headlamp just in case your day hike takes longer than you thought, or if you come across a safe that needs cracking. But if it’s between mid-May and early August, the midnight sun will be your headlamp 24 hours of the day.

SunglassesThere are a range of sunglasses suited to different activities. Pilots wear aviators, models wear novelty-sized and hikers wear protective and comfortable.  

Insect sprayChoosing the right insect spray is like choosing a perfume—if you get it wrong, you’ll just smell bad.

SunblockIf you’re looking to get a great tan, then you’re reading the wrong article. Otherwise, invest in at least SPF 30.

Waterproof matchesYou can make your own waterproof matches by painting them with your favourite nail polish colour, or you could buy them from any good camping store. We suggest the latter.

Trail mapIf you’re on the road to nowhere, pull out your trusty trail map and get back on the path to somewhere.

Multipurpose pocket knifeWith the right tool, you can open a bottle, cut up some vegetables, and get last night’s dinner out from between your teeth.

GPSDid you know the first satellite used for the GPS system was launched into space in 1978? Well, now you do.

Hiking polesCarbon fiber hiking poles aren’t just walking sticks for the elderly, they’re performance poles for the adventurous. Why else would Elon Musk build his Mars Spacecraft from the same material?

For rainy daysYukon’s climate is generally dry, but If the forecast calls for rain, we suggest you bring a waterproof jacket with matching pants. Don't be that guy or girl climbing up a mountain with an umbrella.

Day packAfter you’ve collected all the items on the list, pack them neatly inside a medium-size day pack.

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