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Explore a winter wonderland the old-fashioned way

Guiding a team of sled dogs through the snow-covered landscape is a quintessential Yukon experience. On a multi-day dogsledding trip, you can take to a wilderness trail with your own team and get an authentic taste of winter life in the north. This is a real hands-on experience, where you’ll master not only the technical aspects of dog mushing but also how to care for the animals. 

Trip Itinerary

01 Day

Meet Your New Four-Legged Besties

After arriving in Whitehorse, you’ll be transferred to your dogsledding base where there’s time to settle in before meeting your dog team. You’ll be greeted by excited barking and tail wagging—their enthusiasm is contagious. An experienced musher will teach you about harnesses, tuglines and brakes, as well as the all important commands that your trusty dogs will listen for. You’ll learn how to hook your team up to the sled and the basics of dog care—all the while getting to know each dog’s unique personality. During your time with them, you’ll discover the strong bond formed between a musher and their team. Then it’s time to head out for your first exhilarating run.

02 Day

Dogsledding 101

It’s time to test out your newly acquired dog mushing skills. After greeting your new canine friends and getting your sled ready to go, you’ll head out into the stunning Yukon wilderness. As the winter sun sparkles like diamonds on the snow, the only sounds are the sled runners and the occasional dog yip. It’s a chance to step back into a slower pace of life—a reminder of when this was the only means of transport through the vast northern wilderness. Depending on which package you’ve chosen, tonight might be spent back at the lodge, in a rustic cabin or on the trail in a wall tent. After you’ve fed and cared for your dogs, it’s time for a campfire cookout and a chance to relive the day’s adventure with your fellow travellers. Then, turn your eyes skyward for a chance to watch the mystical northern lights.

03 Day

A Perfect Winter Wonderland

You’ll have another day today to venture out on new trails and explore the snowy winter wonderland. Revel in the camaraderie—it's all about you and your team on the open trail, crossing a sweeping wild landscape. But a dogsledding adventure is not only about the dogs. It’s also a hands-on, exhilarating experience of wilderness living. Along the way you’ll also meet accomplished dog mushers and great Yukon characters, and hear their stories from the trail. Dog mushing has long played an important role in the history of the Yukon and is still an integral part of the modern Yukon lifestyle. Your experiences on the trail will give you first-hand insight into this unique way of life.

Tonight, away from any hint of artificial light, the stars appear even brighter as they wait to be joined by magical northern lights.

04 Day

Back to Whitehorse

By now, you’ve established a rhythm with your team and today offers a chance to really settle in and enjoy the peace and harmony of time spent in nature. Out here, you can forget about the neverending to-do list and just appreciate the moment.

All too soon it’ll be time to say goodbye to your four-legged friends. Your hosts will transfer you back into Whitehorse for your last night in the Yukon. There’s plenty to keep you busy in town—grab a bite to eat at one of our restaurants, check out the local music scene or shop for a one-of-a-kind souvenir.

Multi-day dogsledding trips are available from late November to early April and vary in length starting from three days.