The leaves fall, along with the temperatures

Autumn only lasts two short months from September to October, but during this time a lot happens in the Yukon. A herd of caribou, over 160,000 strong, undertake the longest land-migration route of any land mammal on Earth. The landscape changes from green to orange, yellow and red. And hibernating animals ready themselves for bed.

The air becomes crisp and the nights longer, ushering in the start of the aurora borealis (northern lights) season. If you’re planning on watching this spectacular natural phenomenon, make sure you’re dressed for the conditions—a hot chocolate can come in handy. 

  • Fall months: September, October
  • Seasonal Highlight: Brilliant, natural autumn colours
  • Fun activities to plan: Paddling, hiking, road trips, mountain biking camping, wildlife viewing, northern lights viewing, hunting, RVing