Nature awakens

Spring may be short, but in April and May, life in the Yukon starts to bloom. Prairie Crocuses erupt with colour, millions of migratory birds fly into town, and bear cubs emerge groggily from their dens to explore the world—not unlike a few of the locals do.

For humans, on the other hand, the weather at the beginning of spring is still a chilly 7°C (44.6°F) on average, so whatever activities are being planned, plan them with hats, gloves and coats still in mind. Once the sun’s high in the sky again and the towns have thawed out, spring becomes the perfect season for cross country skiing through the last of the snow, driving along scenic highways or— if you’re looking for something literally breathtaking—jumping into the lake after the ice melts for a quick dip.

  • Spring months: April, May
  • Seasonal Highlight: Return of migratory wildlife
  • Fun activities to plan: Wildlife viewing, hiking, golfing, road trips, fishing, mountain biking, camping, paddling, RVing