Rails, trails and ancient tales

It’s easy to feel the draw to Carcross. A compelling First Nation culture invites you to experience their heritage. Stand in the presence of totem poles, and then tuck inside a carving shed to watch and learn the significance of the artwork’s shapes and colours.

Get a coffee and snack at Carcross Commons and wander down to Bennett Lake’s sandy beaches. This glacial lake was once busy with gold seekers struggling their way to the Klondike. Today, it's busy with beach goers struggling about when to flip over for an even tan—both equally difficult tasks.

Montana Mountain is across Bennett Lake and offers some of the world's best mountain biking. These trails include history that'll get your imagination going and scenery so spectacular it'll stop you in your tracks.

The train tracks on the mountain lead to the White Pass & Yukon Route station back in Carcross. Visitors arrive on the train from the cruise ship port in Skagway, Alaska, and highway travellers stroll through the station for their own taste of the iconic trains. Follow the boardwalk to shops, restaurants and other attractions.

  • Carcross was originally called “Caribou Crossing” because of the large number of woodland caribou that migrated through the region.
  • The Carcross Desert’s sandy dunes were once the bottom of a glacial lake.
  • Built in 1898, the White Pass & Yukon Route is an International Historic Civil Engineering Landmark. It is a distinction it shares with the Panama Canal, the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty.