It’s how we roll in the winter

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Visit Whitehorse in the winter and you’re likely to see a few locals getting around town on fat bikes. Named for their thick, oversized tires, “fat bikes” are designed for ideal traction on snow. It’s a fantastic way to explore the wilderness and access some spots more easily than you would in the summer. Winter’s iced-over lakes mean you can bike straight over to the other side rather than hike around. Once you’re back in the treed trails, keep an eye out for wildlife tracks, like foxes and snowshoe hares.

While several places here are fantastic for fat biking, there are some clear favourites. Head out to Bennett Lake near Carcross, grab a hot coffee and enjoy the view of snow-covered mountains rising up from the shoreline. For a more remote, longer day’s ride, the Fish Lake and Bonneville Lakes areas near Whitehorse serve up amazing views and unbeatable bragging rights. In Whitehorse, Grey Mountain and Mount McIntyre are popular spots. The multi-use Millennium Trail is also easy to access with a large stretch running alongside the Yukon River that flows right through town.

Bike shops in Whitehorse rent out fat bikes and have great advice about how to dress warmly, where to ride and what to bring along. Northern riding comes with its own set of safety requirements, and being prepared makes a big difference. Tour operators offer exceptional full-package experiences, like a hot tub soak and après under the northern lights after a day of fat biking.

There are options to fat bike even if you’re a first timer, but getting local tips and expertise is a must for any skill level. If you’re intrigued by the coolest sport on two wheels, try it in the Yukon.