Step into history

It’s been over a century since gold seekers arrived exhausted, beat up and hungry for more than just gold. Today, it’s easy to reach the Klondike, and this alluring area continues to capture the imagination.
Come experience one of the last great gold rushes, and connect with the region’s deep-rooted First Nations cultures. Here, the history is everywhere. You can touch it without even trying, but a bit of effort makes your time in the Klondike even richer. Take a boat to the fascinating historic village of Fort Selkirk, or drive the Top of the World Highway for unforgettable panoramic views. And if you’re in favour of meeting a grizzled old prospector over an actual grizzly, then Dawson City is the town for you. But like everywhere in the Yukon, the wilderness is very close by. 

  • The Five Finger Rapids, once a major obstacle for gold seekers, can be easily viewed from the North Klondike Highway.
  • The Forty Mile, Fort Cudahy and Fort Constantine Historic Site on the Yukon River northwest of Dawson City has yielded artifacts over 2,000 years old.
  • Of the 100,000 gold seekers who tried to reach the Klondike, an estimated 40,000 made it. That still outnumbers the Yukon’s current population.
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