Discover endless options to enjoy the Southern Lakes

A favourite of both locals and visitors, the Southern Lakes region offers countless ways to spend your time. Travel the miles of beautiful, easy-driving road, dotted with a few charming villages and cottage communities.

Grab your beach chair and head to Marsh Lake. Wade into the water or just sit on the sandy beach and enjoy the fresh air and scenery. Try your luck at some of the feisty fish in Tagish, Teslin or Little Atlin Lakes, where catching breathtaking views is guaranteed. Across the lake from Carcross, the mountains invite you to take on some of the best mountain biking trails in the world, or hike history-rich routes like the legendary Chilkoot Trail.

More history waits back in Carcross at the White Pass & Yukon Route train depot, the S.S. Tutshi memorial site and the Skookum Jim House at Carcross Commons. In Teslin, the George Johnston Museum gives a fascinating look at the history of that area including the building of the Alaska Highway and the arrival of the US Army, as well as the far-older history of the local Teslin Tlingit. Just a few minutes up the highway is the chance to further explore this heritage and vibrant culture through interpretive displays, demonstrations and exhibits at the Teslin Tlingit Heritage Centre.

Along with history, adventure and natural beauty, the Southern Lakes region is also known as a hotbed of inspiration for artists. Browse museums, gift shops and galleries to admire the handmade crafts and other works of art. Small home studios dot the highways and offer the unique chance to chat with the artists themselves. Many of these studios are by appointment; visit for details and contact information. At Carcross Commons, travellers can visit a carving shed and watch a piece take shape before their eyes.

The Southern Lakes loop is easy to access for travellers in Whitehorse, those driving the Alaska Highway from British Columbia or coming from Skagway, Alaska. Wherever you hop on this enjoyable drive, and however you spend your time here, it’s sure to be memorable and rewarding.

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