Ski your dream scene


Skiing is an excellent way to experience winter in the Yukon, and whatever kind of skiing you like, it’s here. In Whitehorse, 85 kilometres of world-class groomed cross-country ski trails take you through the snowy scenery of Mount McIntyre. For a unique and special experience, try the Chadburn Lake trails for great views of Miles Canyon, or ski the five kilometres of multi-use trail along the fence of the Yukon Wildlife Preserve. There you’ll see muskox, caribou, moose, mountain goats, and many more other northern mammals in their various natural habitats.

Those looking to increase their speed and elevation can hit Mount Sima, which offers the bonus of an amazing view of the surrounding mountains. The Whitehorse and Watson Lake ski hills are relatively uncrowded, but if you want to ski in solitude, the backcountry is waiting. It’s exciting, it’s pristine and it’s devoid of novice skiers who might uncontrollably plow into you.

Choose your skiing adventure, or try them all. Just be sure to snap a photo—sunny blue skies, gleaming snow and rosy cheeks make for an amazing profile picture.

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